As a first-time mom, I faced a challenging journey when we discovered our daughter Olivia's dairy and cow's milk protein allergies. When our pediatrician inquired about her vitamin supplement for calcium, I, being a pharmacist, embarked on extensive research.

I scoured local stores, scrutinizing the ingredients of various gummy vitamins (as every child adores gummies). To my astonishment, the options were far from ideal. Firstly, calcium-infused gummy vitamins were scarce.

Secondly, most claimed "active ingredients" were disappointingly minimal, overshadowed by excess gelatin, artificial colors, and glucose syrup.

Drawing upon both my mom and pharmacist expertise, I set out to create what I believe to be the ultimate vitamin for kids.

My vision was clear: a gummy vitamin that was not only delicious but also devoid of artificial sweeteners, glucose syrup, and, importantly, any harmful dyes linked to behavior issues.

That's when LIVI vitamins came to life - luxe vitamins designed for little leaders, formulated with love and care.

We're committed to providing a wholesome, dye-free, and delightful daily treat for kids everywhere.

Trust in LIVI, where safety, quality, and your child's well-being are our top priorities.